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Church Leadership

We have many people involved with our church. From our Pastor and Board Members, to our Youth Leaders and Tech Team. Everyone involved has an important role in shaping our church into what it is today. Here's a look at some of the people involved.

Annville United Christian Church Official Board Members

Pastor - Craig Fenstermacher

Lay Pastors - Edward Heagy and Luke Fenstermacher

Deacon - Lee Wenger

Assistant Deacon - Edward Heagy

Treasurer - Ray Bachman

Assistant Treasurer - Earl Smith

Steward - Jay Fittery

Sunday School Superintendent - Dale Heagy

Assistant Sunday School Superintendent - Nate Artz

Church Trustees - John Reigel, Carl Grubb, Jeff Grubb

Non-Board Members

Collectors - Matt Bachman, Matt Dewalt, Matt Grant

Sunday School Secretary - Skeet Fittery

Assistant Sunday School Secretary - Gail Fenstermacher

Youth Leaders - Jon and Katie Heagy